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Everything you need on your wrist

Rebreather controller with built-in power supply. PPO2 monitoring from 3 Oxygen sensors, stack time (supervision of scrubber) and Bühlmann ZHL 16C deco algorithm. In digital version with additional board located in the head of the rebreather, it also senses CO2 level in the loop.

Key features

All of the below features are available straight after the purchase for a standard price, there is no need to unlock or buy any add-ons.

Everything you need to dive on CCR

Simple and clear underwater screen showing main essential information for CCR diving.

Supervision on stack time

Screen showing how much srubber time is left, when it was replaced and its total work time.

Cell check by Dill flush

Screen that allows you to easily check the correct reading of Oxygen sensors by flushing with a known diluent.

Bühlmann ZHL16C+GF CCR deco

The controller calculates decompression according to the ZHL 16C algorithm and allows the GF to be set.

USB Charging

Charger with standard USB connector for connecting to USB net chargers, solar chargers or directly to USB port in a computer.

PCB mainboard

The heart of the system is the electronics board with ARM micro-controller and peripherals. 6-layer PCB board on which there are power supply converter, static RAM memory for logbooks and tissue information storage, analog digital converters for external PPO2 readings, bluetooth transmission module and socket for TFT display connection.

Bluetooth communication

Communication of the eccr with the outer environment is provided by the built-in bluetooth transmission module. Firmware upgrade is done with the use of software dedicated for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

Connectors & Sensors

Golden plated wetconnectors switching on rebreather at the water. Stailess steel housing for depth and temperature sensors increasing accuracy of temp reading.

UN 38.3 Li-Ion Certified Battery

Built-in battrery protection module.

High quality li-ion battery provides long work time of the controller – up to 10 hours. 600 cycle charging is enough for many years of work.

Separate surface and underwater modes

Dive Planner

Hardware Configuration

Agesensor Supervision

Bailout to OC

Information about Unit


The set includes:

Head-up Display

Head Connectors

Head-up display

Alternative secondary handset

Primary handset

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User’s manual

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Firmware updates

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